Connecticut results were collected from the Town Clerks and Registrars of Voters.

These results will also be printed in the Nov. 11 edition of The Lakeville Journal.




The successful candidates for town office are shown with an asterisk (*) next to their name. Most candidates take office Nov. 17. Candidates filling a vacancy take office immediately. The candidate for Region One Board of Education takes office Dec. 1.
For this election, there were 1,157 registered Democrats, 669 registered Republicans and 1,109 unaffiliated voters.

Wendy Bailey Hamilton withdrew her candidacy before the election but still received votes for two offices.

First Selectman
* Curtis G. Rand (D) – 904
Michael J. Flint (Petitioning) – 215

* James van B. Dresser (D) – 706
*Robert M. Riva (R) – 389

* Shirley A. Hurley (R) – 778

Board of Finance Full Term - Vote for any two
* Alice B. Yoakum (D) – 839
* William F. Willis (D) – 885
Vivian L. R. Nasiatka (R) – 188
Reginald Brock (R) – 278

Board of Finance To fill vacancies for four yearsVote for any two
* Carole Dmytryshak (D) – 747
* Mathias M. Kiefer (R) – 814

Board of Finance To fill a vacancy for two years
* Carl H. Williams (D) – 1,006

Board of Education Full TermVote for any two
* Jennifer Lee Weigel (D) – 777
* Amy M. Lake (D) – 824
* Brian D. Bartram (R) – 450

Board of Education To fill a vacancy for two years
* Christina L. M. Cooper (D) – 691
Charmaine Riva (R) – 388

Board of Assessment Appeals
Wendy Bailey Hamilton (D) – 47
* J. Dean Hammond Jr. (R) – 681

Planning and Zoning CommissionVote for any three
* Dan Dwyer (D) – 767
* Martin J. Whalen (D) – 822
* Cristin Gallup Rich (D) – 731
Terry D. Cowgill (R) – 358
Mark Russell Gomez (R) – 387

Zoning Board of AppealsVote for any three
* Stephen J. Victory (D) – 776
Wendy Bailey Hamilton (D) – 54
* Jeffrey A. Lloyd (R) – 588
Spencer Reiss (R) – 426
* Robert M. Riva (R) – 723

Zoning Board of Appeals AlternatesVote for any two
* John Cole Allee (D) – 837
* Janet Hoage Lynn (R) – 644

Region One Board of Education
* Jill Elysse Gibbons (D) – 730
Paul F. Henrici (R) – 323

Some new faces but voters choose incumbents in most races

By Patrick L. Sullivan

Selectman - Jim Dresser

Selectman - Jim Dresser

Selectman - Bob Riva

Selectman - Bob Riva

First Selectman - Curtis Rand

First Selectman - Curtis Rand

SALISBURY — Democratic incumbent Curtis Rand earned another two-year term as first selectman in the Nov. 3 election, fending off independent challenger Mike Flint by a vote of 904 to 215.

Selectmen Jim Dresser and Bob Riva were also re-elected.

Bill Willis, Alice Yoakum and Mat Kiefer return to the Board of Finance, as does Carl Williams, who was the town’s top vote-getter with 1,006. Williams had retired from the board but has returned to fill a vacancy. Carole Dmytryshak is the new face on the board.

Brian Bartram and Jennifer Weigel return to the Board of Education; Amy Lake is the new board member. Christina Cooper will fill a vacancy on the board.

On the Planning and Zoning Commission, Dan Dwyer, Marty Whalen and Cristin Rich were re-elected.
Jeff Lloyd and Stephen Victory return to the Zoning Board of Appeals; Selectman Bob Riva is now also a full member of this board.

Jill Gibbons replaces Amanda Halle as the town’s representative to the Region One Board of Education.
Rand said he was “heartened” by the results.

“Our goal is to keep moving ahead,” he added. “Even a strong town like Salisbury, in this economy, can seem a little fragile.
“We’ll search for ways to create jobs and opportunities for people in financial difficulties.”

Rand was out Tuesday night collecting his election signs and putting them in his truck. “I couldn’t wait to get those things down.”